Mrs. Raisa, an extraordinary woman, whom the whole village of Riscova knows. She used to work in the local kindergarten as a teacher, but she always wanted a garden anyway, and she worked on it in her spare time. She is more impressed by the land, loves to feed her family with what she grows in her garden using natural methods, and prefers not to buy much from the store.
How does she cultivate her produce naturally? Ms. Raisa commented: “I don't know more than anyone else. We grow greener. We don't spray with chemicals at all. We use milk, we put 1 l of milk and 20 drops of iodine in 10 l of water and so we sprinkle that mixture on the tomatoes. It's not as strong as using chemicals, which would affect them more. But anyway we enjoy it and we are thankful for the fruit. Iodine with milk strengthens the leaf, it does not burn from these rains, because the tomatoes burn. It burned us anyway. The taste does not change, I would not say there's a difference in taste. I kept them outdoors, and they're growing. "

She also manages to make plans for the future: "We strive to keep it as natural as possible, but I want to build my greenhouse and keep the tomatoes in the greenhouse. The others we keep outside, but tomatoes are the most tender. I already have an EcoVillage micro help, I collect rainwater, and the sun warms the water in the storage tank so the water isn't too cold when we water the tomatoes.
She has never been tempted to give up gardening, for her it is a source of inspiration and existence: "I worked in the kindergarten as a teacher, but still I had my garden, and I worked it, my parents left me this garden. At times, I want to give up, my son was suggesting me to sell half the garden, because right now the plot is too big and too much to work for me. Instead, I decided to sow half the garden with alfalfa so that it's less work for me, so now it only needs half as much work. Before last year, I was raising rabbits as well, but last year I went abroad, because I was in Germany, and I sold all the rabbits, as well as all the birds, because there was no one to take care of them, but I came back and I took the birds back, and I'll buy the rabbits in the fall. "
Mrs. Raisa also could have chosen to live in the city, but she feels a special love for life in the country. Here she keeps busy, she's always active, she has everything in the garden and most importantly, she grows everything by herself. And even during hard times, she never gave up: "I've never been sad, something always grows in the end. Maybe in one year the tomatoes didn't turn out, another year something didn't turn out, but anyway, in the end, something always came out. Sometimes I thought that this is the last year, but then spring comes and we have such a disposition to put everything back in. We started planting salads this year, and from EcoVillage Farms we were offered to plant them, we put arugula, salads, spinach, but it went hard, this spring there were a lot of lice, a lot of them, but we planted the second crop, and the second time we don't expect so many. We gathered a lot of greens from them, but a lot of leafs were destroyed and we couldn't save them."

She has products in her pantry, which she can be proud of again this year: "This year the potato went very well. The raspberries went well, the strawberries were weak and the blackberries went well. We make jams, compotes. The fruit was rich in berries. We want to sell that we've done more this year."
And when asked how Mrs. Raisa's garden is different from her neighbors' garden, or what you do differently from previous generations, she said, "Yes, it was easier for our parents, these rains weren't that bad. Yes, I remember that at parents, I put a fruit, I waited for it, I gathered it and that's it, but we gather and gather, now I wait for the third fruit. We don't plant anymore, it's late, we harvested 2-3 fruits. For example, there was room for raspberries, it had fruit and while the raspberry was in the fruit I put bean pods, which rose up. While I was cleaning the raspberry, the bean got up.The raspberry is finished, the bean has already started to bear fruit. I use the whole corner of the land, absolutely, i use it because the water is dripping, and I am sorry for it to lose the water in the land, and not to grow anything there. My parents had a strong well, the whole garden was wet with it, but now the dripper is working for an hour, the water is gone. And for an hour it gathers back. We are watering 3-4 times a day, I just plug it in and I forgot to take care.
I don't see anything like that in the neighbors, through the drip. 3-4 years ago in Stăuceni I took care of a little girl, I raised her, three years. That man proposed to me to put drips, because he put it in his parents and saw the difference. He deserved it, and I thank him today for such a good idea. "

If she went back in time, Mrs. Raisa would not change much, she likes to work in the garden and of course she admires the results of her work.
But what other secrets does it have to grow fruit naturally? "Botcala, we tried onion peels this year. At EcoVillage Farms they proposed to us, we go often, we have training. We make compost, they rot, I have a big tub, from what rots I put in the big tub, with water and then we water the root in each one. For natural fertilizers we put manure, we have birds, we always gather and use it as fertilizer and with water in the root in each one. It's a lot of work, but we like it, and we don't feel tired. "

Mrs. Raisa, being an educator at the kindergarten in the village, poured a lot of unconditional love and love into children. Now, she shares all her love with the vegetables, fruits, flowers in her garden: "If I don't go out in the morning and look in the garden, something isn't like that. I look like this plant is drying up, it's stretching, I have to do something, to get wet, in the morning I go out for a walk in the garden to see what everyone wants and I seem to understand everything they want I talk to plants And flowers, I love them, they generally have a lot of hobbies, each plant has its seed, I don't have I walked over to a plant so as not to gather its seed, and I made wonderful paintings with seeds.The birds, I have different birds, and pigeons, in the morning I let them go.I don't let them go often, because we have a forest here, and the eagles come and attack them It's a pleasure to have pigeons, a beauty, I have only one species.In several colors. White, black, brown. I had other species of other birds. Now I want again, I want pheasants, biblical, eating the Colorado potato beetle. And beauty, and useful. We keep the other birds for meat, eggs. "
About the collaboration with EcoVillage Farms, he has only words of praise: "Yes, it helps many, many. We don't need to go to the market to sell our crops. Here we give them everything on the spot and it's a great help from them. We had to go to the market, we didn't have a place, we stayed all day. They receive everything and it's a lot of help. That's why we had the courage, we sowed one culture, we gathered another and so on, because we have where to distribute them. "
Unfortunately, Mrs. Raisa was stricken with a serious illness, which does not allow her to dedicate herself to children in kindergarten, but she kept the longing and love. But now she has other children, who she takes care of, her yard is always full of screams and smiles of children. And the children call her grandmother, and even after the years, in adulthood, they gladly come home to Mrs. Raisa.

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