Interview with a farmer - Mrs. Anna

The residents of the village of Rîșcova know her as Mrs. Anna from the hilltop, an old place from where half the village used to get clay for building houses. Now this is the place where Mrs. Anna has created a large homestead, with a house, a garden, blackberries and many flowers.

Mrs. Anna tells with nostalgia about the times when they had just moved to the village: "At first,  they were supposed to give us a place to live, but they didn't. They had already given away all the available house plots and so I stayed here, on the hill. I only moved my plot of land where I grow my crops from another place to have a place here, I have about 25 sote on this side of the road, and on the other side of the house, another 25.  You have the place to work, but there's no water and it's difficult. "

"When I lived in Cimișeni, I lived upstairs in a 4-room apartment, I left that behind and moved to a bare plot of land here, where we are now. I stayed for a year with my parents and then I moved here. I lived for a year with no electricity. The boys were reading books by lamplight, it was wonderful. Then I moved here in '93, during the perestroika, and during that time tobacco was being grown and I decided that I would do that too.  I had children:  3 older ones, the youngest  still  in kindergarten, about 3 years old, (she was born in '91, and we moved here in in '93), we were working  in tobacco, we were staying  for a year with our parents, then they gave us this place, and here we were, with four children, plus work, plus building our house, then while the children were growing up, we had to get them dressed, and then we tried to put the first one through school, but he didn't like it. We spent money in vain, he just didn't like it. The others didn't have the same opportunity and those poor ones had to fly out of the nest alone - to go work,  what other options did they have? "

And the children went to school in the village, first in Cimișeni until '93, when they moved to the local school. But over time, my husband lost all hope that we would be able to finish the house and a difficult period began, he got cancer and died, he's been gone four years now. While he was alive, I kept two cows and a horse, but now I just don't have the strength anymore. "

When asked what inspired her to do gardening, the answer is her parents: "They worked in the kolkhoz. Grandma, my father's parents took care of the business, he dealt more with horses. My aunt also was garderering, she had two children but they moved to America, and she could't work the land and I hepled her, as much as I could. I have radishes, but the seed is not good. I have the impression that it is from the drought. It could be, because there's been no rain.  I also make juices and I also made jam. I hope at least the cabbage is done, we are watering it. That we get 300 lei a month on the water. This garden is a comfort to me, because if I didn't have this, you could sit and watch the TV, but that's not the way out. I still have some rabbits, you have to give them food, some birds and that's it."

Mrs. Anna's garden is an example to follow, she has gathered many colors, shapes and aromas, but her greatest pride is the blackberries: "Yes, I have blackberries here", and she points to her blackberry bushes, carefully aligned to along the garden. "I wanted to put it on the internet, but I'm not very good at it. Here I have blackberries, if I water them again new plants will grow, but if not, just like that, a few bushes. I got them from Chisinau "I put a chicken and put it here under the tree. I also have raspberries there, but the poor thing has dried up, I don't know if it will bear fruit again. It was beautiful, in bloom, it's very beautiful when cooked. and blackberries, and raspberries, and cabbage. The people at EcoVillage Farms help us a lot, because otherwise  where could I go to sell my crop? I have my grandchildren at home and I have to take care of them. "

During the summer, when most of the localities faced drought, Mrs. Anna took care to water all the plants regularly: "Others may not have watered. The teacher, her bush has also dried up. But for me, if you notice, I water, water in the garden and the cypresses, because if I didn't water it would dry out. When I planted the blackberries, I made the cradle first and put the root deep, and maybe that keeps it. That's the whole secret - water , water and water. But we don't have a well, the water is deep here and it's expensive to dig. "

If she had the chance, Mrs. Anna would not change much in her life, she would only have wanted more health for herself and those close to her. Now she is proud of 4 children, 11 grandchildren, four of whom are here in the village, living with their grandmother.

Mrs. Anna, a woman with a strong soul, with an unquenchable zest for life and acceptance of all changes, who is making her own destiny.


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