Harvest party at EcoVillage Farms

When the weather is good, a lot of bread is gathered! This is how the atmosphere of the harvest party, organized by EcoVillage Farms, could be described on the occasion of the closing of the delivery season of our vitamin-packed produce bags.
The event was dedicated to all customers who enjoyed the weekly vitamin-packed delivery, as well as our partners, with whom we collaborated during this season and of course the EcoVillage farms team: couriers, operators, administrators.
The purpose of this party was to give thanks to our customers, who trusted the products delivered directly from farmers in Riscova and continued to support the idea of ​​an ecological delivery and also to thank our partners, who with dedication and commitment delivered the best products in the business. Together we managed to overcome the worst times of the pandemic and involved responsible couriers, who delivered our vitamin-packed produce bags.
We were surprised by the recommendations of customers, who continued to tell us about the quality and uniqueness of our products.
We are grateful to those who supported us, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Optim Project.

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