Interview with the farmer - Ecaterina

Mrs. Ecaterina is a luminous person; she works the land with pleasure and finds solace in the work; even her flowers go through the concrete to find their place in her garden even though there is not enough water. 

There is a drought, and the work is challenging. You probably know her by the taste of the gooseberry and the black currant, which were fruitful this year, even if it was not expected. Those who had the pleasure to meet her personally know her as a warmhearted woman, so we invite you "behind the curtain" - to her in the garden - to find out the secrets that magnanimity shares with us.

To get a richer fruit, she uses organic fertilizers; in other words, what is found in the garden and used wisely, gives a result that pleasantly surprises.

"A neighbor asked me: 

  • Do you fertilize? How do you prepare it? I heard about potato peels. Do you put potato peels?
  • Yes, of course, I've been gathering the peels for three years now, drying them well, storing them in the barn, and in the spring, I crush them in small pieces and put them at the roots of plants. You can do the same with ashes, with onion peels, … And here I am, I still have two buckets, in one I have scalded ashes, in another, I have onion peels, manure - the manure helps a lot."

Also, watering the garden has an important role. ”But if I have time, I put them in a large bucket and pour water, and they ferment there. I take a liter of that leaven and pour it into a bucket of water and pour it to each bush. And it has a fantastic effect, this year I did not expect to bear fruit. They asked me if I still had berries, and I said: maybe I still have 2-3 kilograms when I pick - I pick 6 kilos! And since the pandemic started, I couldn't sell my berries at the market or in the village. I received a lot of help from the farm, EcoVillage Farms, I delivered berries and they gladly bought them. That was our escape. Nor did I get tired of transportation. They really appreciated my work”.

Despite all the hardships, hard work, lack of water, climate change, the question of whether she wanted to give up the reaction is a real surprise. How does it occur to us to ask such a thing? "How to give up?! Well, never. I have always been optimistic. I have big health problems, and I often thought that enough is enough, but no, I live for my garden. It is a pleasure of my soul.  Currants, gooseberries - all day! I come, I look, I talk to them. I'm proud. It's not so much income, but I can't sit and wait for death!"

Wondering if she wants to change anything, she calmly replies that she would like nothing to change. "I like to take care of the seedlings, the bushes, to come all day, to look, to take care of them. I speak, I speak with everything". And love and care are felt. And they bear fruit.

In addition to a beautiful garden, Mrs. Ecaterina has another pride - she bakes the tastiest rolls and pies. We caught her right in the process when the dough was leavening. We also had the opportunity to watch the whole process and see how she handles the dough skillfully and lovingly.

When she spreads the dough, she also tells us she is the artistic leader of a folk group, that requires a lot of dedication.

Earth, bread, folklore. With a lot of dedication and love, Mrs. Ecaterina manages them all. We only have to fill ourselves with warmth and be inspired by the optimism and perseverance she emanates. 


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