Flavorya is a business launched in 2019, offering a range of dehydrated products for nutritious, flavorful and healthy snacks.

The products are dehydrated at low temperatures so they keep all the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. They have no synthetic food additives, they are suitable for all ages: from 8-month-old babies, pregnant women to people with health problems. The current product range includes: fruit pistil, fruit chips and crackers from germinated seeds.

We care about the problem of pollution, that's why we decided that everything we do in our business is eco friendly: the packaging, bags and other materials used are biodegradable. We do not intentionally use any additives or preservatives in the production process, because the dehydration process is in itself a natural preservation process. We want to convey the emotion of health through simplicity, which makes things seem effortless, durable and shaped like the essence.

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