Eco Village Farms promotes agroecological practices

In light of the changes taking place globally, including attitudes towards the environment, ideas of agroecology have begun to be promoted in the Republic of Moldova. By definition, agroecology is agriculture practiced following ecological norms and laws that protect the living environment of all living things, in the soil and in the water. It integrates the practices of organic farming, regenerative and/or conservation agriculture, as well as permaculture, with the goal of sustainable development.

What does this mean for us at Eco Village Farms? Agroecological practices are at the heart of our approach to growing food. Water conservation, soil regeneration, crop rotation, natural plant protection, minimizing the use of chemicals (avoiding their use as much as possible), are some of the practices we use in Eco Village Farms. Thanks to these methods, we have gained the trust of our customers, even without certifications and diplomas.

However, as we aim to better understand the agri-food sector in Moldova and contribute to maintaining and developing it, we have decided to study the formal process of obtaining ecological certification. Thus, in 2020, we obtained the first year certificate of compliance with standards of organic agri-food production from CERTIFICAT-ECO, issued for the plot of 2.3 ha on which we cultivate our crops.

Thanks to the support of our partners - particularly the small farmers in the village of Rascova, we managed to implement these agroecological methods. Still, it's understandable that these partners can't all go through this certification process themselves due to the high costs of time and money, as well as the organizational requirements. For that reason, the Eco Village Farms and Katalyst Kitchens team are trying to change the perspective on the potential of the rural environment, by reviving traditional agricultural methods and offering unconditional trust in the quality of carefully cultivated produce.

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