fresh, local food
from 7.50€ per week

Weekly bags

    Step 1:
    Farmers carefully hand-pick the products

    Step 2:
    Transport from Eco-village to Chisinau

    Step 3:
    Delivery to you home or office by bike

    Step 4:
    Get your bag / box of vitamins

    Step 5:
    Enjoy fresh naturally grown food

    Step 6:
    We can take your organic waste back for composting

    Fresh food is brought to you by a combination of electric car, bicycle, scooter and trolleybus, to maintain a very small footprint:

    Delivery is available every Tuesday (Friday optional), and will usually be made by a combination of veggie oil powered van and bicycle.

    In order to justify free eco-delivery we need a minimum of 3 clients per address or a customized order of at least 300 MDL. Delivery fee for 1 bag per address is 40 MDL, for 2 bags – 20 MDL.

    Delivery provided by green wheels


    Come, pick up your harvest

    You can come with friends or family to collect fresh vegetables yourself. This way you get a 20% reduction from the normal price. See how we grow plants applying agroecological practices, connect to the soil, let your kids experience the roots of food production.

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